Startup Glossary

In the land of startups, scale-ups and Venture Capitalism, jargon and abbreviations are absolutely everywhere. Use this startup glossary of terms to search 101+ definitions every startup founder should know.

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Landing Page
In marketing, a landing page is traditionally a standalone web page created for a specific advertising campaign. The term is now used more broadly to include any transactional or marketing-focussed web pages.

Lead Investor
The investor who takes a primary role in negotiating the investment terms and completing due diligence.

Lean Startup
A method used to validate a business concept quickly and cheaply when founding a new company or introducing a new product.

Lifetime Value (LTV)
The total amount a single customer is worth to a startup during the lifetime of the relationship. e.g. For a £1 per month subscription, if an average customer subscribes for 18 months, the LTV is £18. Important when calculating unit economics.

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