We’re Makk. And we’re not like other consultancies.

We offer specialist marketing support to ambitious startups. Acting as a CMO, and thinking like a Venture Capitalist, we know the tools you need to reach your customers and access your next round of funding.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re up and running; you’ve raised at least one round of funding and now you need to accelerate growth. But scaling a business leaves little time to think about marketing. Hiring is difficult and high-level strategic support is expensive.

You need Makk.

Our Fractional CMO model allows us to use our experience of scaling start-ups to help you reach your growth targets more quickly and reach your next funding round. We think long term but focus on minimising time-to-value.

We’re not like other consultancies and we’re certainly no agency. Think of us as a CMO-as-a-Service.

Make decisions like a CMO

We have the industry and multi-channel marketing experience required of a CMO, but not the hefty compensation package to go with it. Think of us as a CMO-as-a-service.

Scale at the right speed

We have the practical experience required of a growth advisory and we’ve walked a few miles in your shoes, too. We go beyond monthly board meetings to help you scale at the right speed.

Execute campaigns like a top agency

We have significant marketing agency experience having started, built and managed multiple marketing agencies over the last decade. We know how they work and how to utilise their services to execute effective campaigns.

Avoid costly mistakes

We bring the best aspects of consultancy at a significantly reduced rate. We not only strategise and outline a growth plan, we’ll ensure it’s delivered too.

When we partner with a business, we offer three things. We know that these 3 areas provide ambitious startups with the resources they need to succeed:

Our Knowledge

Our CMOs come from the top 5% of startup marketers, with a breadth and depth of experience that covers multiple verticals, markets and various stages of growth.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Growth advisory
  • Team Building
  • Brand Development
  • Systems and Processes
Our Network

Sometimes who you know is just as important as what you know. We can help you to make the right connections to facilitate growth.

  • Agency procurement / management
  • Access growth capital without dilution
  • Investor introductions
  • Acquirer introductions
  • Strategic partnerships
Our Commitment

We're not looking for clients; we're looking for long-term business partners. Success means sharing the same goals and objectives.

  • Long term partnership
  • Revenue share in lieu of retainers
  • A focus on value delivered
  • Business partners, not consultant-client relationship

Who we work with

You’re an early stage business (Pre-Seed to S-B) with an excellent product but little to no internal marketing resource.

You’re looking for someone you can rely on to develop a marketing strategy and build the team that will deliver the growth you need.

Why work with us

Hiring a senior marketer in the current climate is expensive, risky and incredibly difficult.

Our experienced CMOs are available on demand, providing the senior marketing leadership your business needs to grow. No agency politics. No nonsense.  Just the the support you need to build a scalable marketing function.

About Us

Amplify – InsureTech Platform

“Working with the Makk team has been a true delight. The process was extremely thorough, starting with in-depth due diligence both with our team and behind the scenes on our market and industry, and ending with a well thought out marketing plan that detailed multiple areas of digital strategy. The team was easy to work with, insightful, and responsive- despite being in very different time zones!

Overall, we’re thrilled to have had the chance to work with the Makk team and are excited to put their marketing strategy into action.”

Hanna Wu, Co-Founder & CEO

Make something happen

We’d love to hear about your business and to tell you more about how we can help you to grow it. We don’t waste time so we’ll be back in touch quickly.