We’re Makk. And we’re exactly who you’re looking for.

The name Makk comes from the old Norse word meaning “make”. We’re here to support the makers. The startup founders and their teams who are passionate about what they do.

About Us

Founded by 3 marketers and business leaders, each sharing the belief that startup marketing can be done better, Makk is building a unique consultancy providing high-potential businesses with the right strategic guidance at the right time.

We work (almost) exclusively with established startups, because our collective experience of scaling and marketing these types of businesses allows us to put our money where our mouth is.

Unlike many agencies and consultancies we take a long term view of our partnerships. Rather than substantial retainers, we keep your costs at an absolute minimum through a shared risk/shared reward model. We focus on value delivered rather than time. 

Poor marketing and cashflow are two of the top reasons why 50% of startups fail in their first 5 years of trading.  Makk helps to solve both of those problems.

Mike Grindy

Mike is the founder and Chairman of Passion Digital, a performance marketing agency based in London. His background has provided a rounded understanding and practical experience in the challenges that startups encounter.

As well as being a performance marketer and agency leader, Mike’s experience of scaling a number of his own companies enables him to offer a unique insight, helping you to get the most value from working with a consultant.

Favourite things: Racket sports, renewable energy & the sun

Paddy O’Neill

With over a decade of marketing agency experience, Paddy specialises in brand development, digital acquisition and customer retention.

Paddy has developed and executed countless successful campaigns for enterprise brands and start-ups alike, helping them to distil complex offerings into meaningful and effective marketing communications.

As an experienced marketing technologist, Paddy can help you to integrate sales, marketing and operations as your business scales.

Favourite things: Real ales and smiling at other peoples’ dogs

Rod Richmond

Rod is a paid media specialist who has worked in international digital agencies since 2009. He founded PPC agency Clean Digital in 2012 and grew it to 10 full time employees, working with brands such as BrewDog, Morph Suits and lastminute.com along the way. He successfully exited the business in early 2020.

As an agency leader, PPC author, event speaker and lecturer; Rod specialises in breaking down complex marketing and analytics technologies and helping businesses leverage them to attain real results.

Favourite things:  Hiking the highlands, travel & new tech.

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