We’re Makk. And we’re exactly who you’re looking for.

The name Makk comes from the old Norse word meaning “make”. We’re here to support the makers. The startup founders and their teams who are passionate about what they do.

About Us

Founded by 2 marketers and business leaders, with the belief that startup marketing can be done better, Makk is a unique consultancy providing high-potential businesses with the right strategic guidance at the right time.

We work almost exclusively with early stage and vc-backed startups, because our collective experience of scaling and marketing these types of businesses means we can deliver real value.

Paddy O’Neill

Founder, Fractional CMO

With 15 years of marketing agency experience, Paddy specialises in brand development, digital acquisition and customer retention for startups.

As an experienced Fractional CMO, Paddy has developed and executed countless successful campaigns for enterprise brands and startups alike, helping them to distil new or complex offerings into meaningful and effective marketing communications.

Mike - Founder

Mike Grindy


Mike is the Founder and Chairman of digital agency Passion Digital and CMO at tech startup Dropless. His background has provided a rounded understanding and practical experience in the challenges that startups encounter.

As well as a marketer and agency leader, Mike’s experience of scaling a number of his own companies enables him to offer a unique insight, helping businesses to get the most value from working with a consultant.

Darcie - CMO

Darcie Tanner

Fractional CMO

A senior consultant with 20 years of experience working with multi-faceted organisations on structure, operations, growth and global campaign delivery.

Darcie left the agency world in 2019 and began consulting as an Interim & Fractional Chief Marketing Officer for scaling startups, supporting companies and brands to establish requirements, develop solutions, support integration and advising on operations and measurement.

Matt Dibben

Fractional Sales Director

Matt brings 25 years of authentic Sales Leadership to any organisation that is ready for their next stage of growth.

He has worked successfully in several markets and is most prominent in his quick understanding of the value proposition, rapid relationship building and a deep understanding of the sales process and how to effectively deliver long term and repeatable growth.

Charlie - CMO

Charlie Southwell

Fractional CMO

Charlie is a digital marketing strategist who has had a varied career with start-ups, big brands and governments. He launched TaskRabbit into the UK, led Red Bull UK social media channels and wrote the first ever social media guidance for MPs for the House of Commons.

As a fractional marketing director Charlie now focuses on helping businesses make the biggest possible impact. He helps companies build long term lead and demand generation building repeatable systems for business growth.

nick - CMO CCO

Nick Cole

Fractional CMO

An innovative thinker, relationship builder and proven leader, Nick worked in the world of business and commercial development, technical & marketing consultancy, sales & customer success strategy and strategic partnership building with agencies and SaaS businesses for more than 25 years. He love’s getting under the skin of brand and commercial challenges, building and growing trusting customer relationships and helping teams thrive to drive growth.

Nick has deep experience of brand and marketing strategy, product marketing, digital transformation, sales and business development, customer relationship management and behaviour change consultancy.

Danny - CMO

Danny Denhard

Fractional CMO

Danny has over two decades of experience helping to operationalise and grow businesses of all sizes. He has led Product, Growth and Marketing Departments in-house and agency side.

Danny has helped to shape and develop a number of successful companies, taking startups through hyper-growth to maturing agencies’ offerings, through to IPO and working in leadership positions in global listed brands.

Danny trains and coaches Head’s of Marketing, VP’s and CMO’s to develop brands, talent and their business offerings. He led JustGiving’s Marketing Transformation post acquisition, helping to grow their community to over 26 million people.

Our Beliefs

Partnerships over billable hours.

We value long term partnerships over billable hours, which allows us to align our objectives with those of our clients.  This requires a relentless commitment to acting in the best interests of our clients, but ultimately delivers more value for everyone.

Don’t waste anybody’s time.

As a consultancy it’s our expertise and our time that we sell, so we believe in treating everybody’s time as equally valuable. That goes for clients, suppliers and our own time. It’s important to respect other peoples’ time by being transparent in every interaction.

Honesty is the best policy.

Makk was born out of frustration from agency politics and a desire to build better relationships with clients.  We believe that transparency and honesty are critical for successful, long term relationships with both clients and suppliers.

Horses for courses.

Consultants, tools and methodologies are all matched to the needs of our clients on a case by case basis.  One-size-fits-all is ineffective and, frankly, not as exciting.

Hatch Enterprise

Make something happen

We’d love to hear about your business and to tell you more about how we can help you to grow it. We don’t waste time so we’ll be back in touch quickly.