We’re Makk. And we're a VC's best friend.

We offer specialist marketing support to VC or Angel backed startups. Focusing on value delivered rather than billable time, we accelerate the growth of your portfolio business or help you identify the targets that are likely to succeed.

Business partners, not client/agency.

We believe the traditional marketing agency model is no longer fit-for-purpose when it comes to startups.

The Makk Model offers an approach better suited to the needs of startup businesses. We value partnerships over retainers, meaning a shared commitment to making your investment a commercial success:

  1. We can offer one-time marketing due diligence audits to assess go-to-market strategies and audience sizing.
  2. With us on your team, your portfolio business will avoid costly mistakes and grow more efficiently.
  3. We remove the headache of paying for and managing an internal marketing function, including digital acquisition / customer growth, so the founding team can focus on operations.

“Being an early stage startup, this support was invaluable. I’d highly recommend working with Makk for not only initial audit and recommendation, but long term support and strategy.

Makk “gets it” and they are a pleasure to work with.”

Melissa Danielsen, Co-Founder and CEO

Make something happen

We’d love to discuss your investments and how we can help you to grow them more quickly. We don’t waste time so we’ll be back in touch quickly.