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As well as offering specialist marketing support to VC or Angel backed startups, we work closely with VCs to help validate an investment opportunity through marketing due diligence.

The missing piece of the puzzle.

VC firms have robust technical and financial due diligence in place, but where we often see a weakness in the due dil process is marketing.

Makk work with VCs and Angels to help them to make smarter investments through market validation; our marketing due diligence answers the following questions:

  1. Is there (or could there) be an audience for the product/service? We use industry leading marketing intelligence software to make an assessment on potential audience size.
  2. Can the founding team reach that audience as effectively as they claim? Makk can assess the viability and scalability of proposed unit economics through an assessment of acquisition costs versus lifetime value of a customer.
  3. Is the go-to-market strategy fit for purpose? A detailed growth strategy rarely forms part of a pitch deck, but it should certainly feature in due dil. We can help target companies to ensure their marketing strategy is robust and offers the best chance of success.
  4. Does the startup have the resources (either internal or external) to execute on their proposed strategy?
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