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Startups, close the feedback loop!

When rapid prototyping, building an MVP or launching a beta product, user feedback is absolutely crucial to ensure that your product or service is aligned with the wants and needs of the customer.  Not only generating the feedback, but also actioning it and closing...

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Startup Perspectives – Horseplay Ventures

For the next in the Startup Perspective interview series, we chatted with Nick Telson, founder of DesignMyNight (exited) and Angel Investor at Horseplay Ventures. As a founder-turned-Angel Nick has a foot in both camps and can offer a unique perspective on the current startup...

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Viral coefficient

What is the Viral Coefficient in marketing?

When focussing on growing your startups user base, there’s an important metric to keep a close eye on.  That metric is the viral coefficient. In this post we’ll take a look at the definition of the viral coefficient and why it’s an important growth...

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Startup Perspectives – Playter Pay

For the first in a series of Startup Perspective interviews, we caught up with Jamie Beaumont, founder of Playter. Treading the line between FinTech and SaaS, Jamie and his team are on a journey to build “the Klarna of recruitment”. Name: Jamie BeaumontRole: FounderCompany:...

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Want more conversions? Focus on your messaging.

I see so many SaaS companies and tech start-ups investing huge amounts of resource into conversion rate optimisation – which is fantastic – but they’re often surprised when they don’t see the results they were expecting. Why? Because they focus on the wrong areas....

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The Inevitable Rise and Fall of Growth Hacking

Growth hacking. It’s a term I really don’t like. I don’t like it because it sends the wrong message. It implies that rather than planning and executing a carefully managed growth campaign, a business is simply finding shortcuts to get new users / customers....

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How do you put a price on an idea? Convertible Notes may help

In recent years, Convertible Notes are becoming commonplace in structuring deals for early stage start-ups as a means of raising seed funding without the increased complexity of pre-seed valuation. Offering speed and simplicity, a growing number of start-ups are issuing Convertible Notes rather than...

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Increase Conversions by Mapping Content to the Buyer Journey

I first published this post as a contirbutor for CrazyEgg in 2017, but the methodology still rings true today.  As a savvy digital marketer, you probably already know the value of content marketing. You probably also know it involves the creation and distribution of...

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