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Startup Perspectives – 9others & Dot Matrix Group

In this instalment of Startup Perspectives, we speak with Matthew Stafford, co-founder of Dot Matrix Group angel syndicate and co-founder of the 9others network. Matthew is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to build a network of like-minded peers, allowing them to come together to solve...

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failed startup

Advice from the Founder of a failed startup

Recently I read a very honest, heartfelt post from a startup founder where their business had unfortunately failed. It’s important to share stories like these, because despite what the survivorship bias that’s rife in our industry might indicate, the vast majority of startups fail. ...

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Startup Perspectives – Talent Digital

In this Startup Perspectives interview we’re speaking we spoke with Lloyd Stokes, Director of Talent Digital, a recruitment agency specialising in placing candidates in fast growth businesses.  Lloyd views startup land with a different frame of reference than our usual interviewees, as he works with...

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Building a successful startup referral strategy

Referral schemes are one of the most common form of growth hacks we see within startups.  This is for good reason. Referrals are one of the most cost-effective acquisition channels in a startup marketers arsenal. In my experience, from a cost and accessibility perspective,...

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Startup Perspectives – Commonroom Ventures

In this Startup Perspectives interview, we spoke with Daniel Conti, Managing Director of Commonroom Ventures, a consultancy focussed on helping businesses to scale through improved business performance.  Name: Daniel ContiRole: Managing DirectorCompany: Commonroom Ventures In a sentence, tell us what Commonroom Ventures does. We...

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Startups, close the feedback loop!

When rapid prototyping, building an MVP or launching a beta product, user feedback is absolutely crucial to ensure that your product or service is aligned with the wants and needs of the customer.  Not only generating the feedback, but also actioning it and closing...

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Startup Perspectives – Horseplay Ventures

For the next in the Startup Perspective interview series, we chatted with Nick Telson, founder of DesignMyNight (exited) and Angel Investor at Horseplay Ventures. As a founder-turned-Angel Nick has a foot in both camps and can offer a unique perspective on the current startup...

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Viral coefficient

What is the Viral Coefficient in marketing?

When focussing on growing your startups user base, there’s an important metric to keep a close eye on.  That metric is the viral coefficient. In this post we’ll take a look at the definition of the viral coefficient and why it’s an important growth...

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